Environmental Policy
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As a major supplier of timber and timber products to the construction and civil engineering industries, we are acutely aware of the increasing importance of environmental matters surrounding the sourcing and the supply of these products

We are committed to investigating the sourcing of timber from legal and sustainably managed forests.
We also believe we offer a unique, environmentally sound scheme whereby certain timbers required on site for temporary use or structures (even if for several years) can be sold with a pre-negotiated 'Buy-Back'. The 'Buy-Back' is available mainly on Bog Mats, Baulk Timbers, Sleepers, Plywood and Crash Barriers.

This has two important environmental consequences.
When the contractor, reaches the end of the job they then have no disposal costs which may save the need for scrapping material or sending to a landfill site. There should also be a cost saving for the contractor.
The scheme allows for the recycling of timber and reduces the need for felling of more trees.
Save money and be environmentally friendly!

Environmental Policy