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Ekki is an extremely hard and dense marine timber. Ekki has many uses including; Agricultural implements, Boat building, Bridge construction, Decks, Bog Mats, Dockwork, Wharf construction, Dock work, Harbor work, Heavy construction and Marine construction.

Ekki - Useful Information

Strength Class: D60
Weight per m3 (12% moisture content): 950 - 1100 kg
Modulus Elasticity (12% moisture content): 18500 N/mm2
Durability: Durable

For detailed information on the grade stresses for tropical hardwoods see the document below:

Grade stresses for tropical hardwoods

Ekki Accreditation

Our Ekki timber is supplied with an independently audited, full chain of custody, from forest to site, satisfying CPET (The Central Point of Expertise for Timber Procurement) category B.

Ekki Delivery

Ryder Services deliver Ekki timber throughout the UK and Ireland and internationally. We guarantee that we will not be beaten on the turnaround time of your Ekki order.

For more details on Ekki or any of our other products please contact our sales team on 01683 221082 or alternatively email us at info@ryderservices.biz

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Ekki Timber from Ryder Services