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Greenheart Timber

Greenheart timber is one of the strongest hardwoods around, making greenheart an ideal product for use in a wide range of construction and marine activities.

Greenheart timber is extensively used in situations where strength, durability and hard wearing properties are essential. The hardwood is often used in marine environments as an 'untreated alternative' to other hardwoods, as it is resistant to decay, aquatic organisms and has a high density value. Ryder Services also offer various other species of Hardwood and Marine timbers.

Greenheart timber has many uses, including marine protection, coastal protection, piling, ship construction, lock gates, bridge construction and use in mining activities.

Greenheart timber as with other hardwood and marine timbers is an extremely difficult timber to work with, due to the nature of thegreenheart's interlocking grain structure. However Ryder Services offer a solution to this problem, due to our dedicated sawmills, we can machine cut greenheart timber to suit your specifications and requirements, allowing you to receive the exact product you require. Saving you time and money.

Greenheart Timber Useful Information


Greenheart Timber Stress Grade: D70
Greenheart Timber Weight per m3 (12% m/c): 1030 kg
Greenheart Timber Elasticity (12% m/c): 21000 N/mm2
Greenheart Timber Durability: Very Durable

For detailed information on the grade stresses for tropical hardwoods see the document below:

Grade stresses for tropical hardwoods

Greenheart Timber Accreditation

Our Greenheart timber is supplied with an independently audited, full chain of custody, from forest to site, satisfying CPET (The Central Point of Expertise for Timber Procurement) category B.

As with all of our products, greenheart timber is available for national and international delivery.

For more details regarding greenheart timber contact Ryder Services sales team on 01683 221082 or alternatively email us at

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