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Oak - English/Scottish/European

Ryder Services are a major supplier of oak (European, English and Scottish), to the joinery, building, construction, rail, tunnelling and pipeline industries.

Oak is a hard and durable timber, because of this it has been on of the most widely used timbers in both past and present. We can cut your oak to any size or specification at our dedicated sawmills, ensuring that you get the exact product you require.

Oak Useful Information

The main properties of European Oak are:
- Heartwood Colour - Yellowish Brown
- Sapwood Colour - Light in colour generally distinctive from the heartwood
- Weight - Variable according to growth conditions. 670 - 720 kg/M3 when Kiln Dried
- Durability - rated as durable meaning that it is suitable for external uses.
- Bending - Oak is good for bending, the timber must be defect free.

Common Oak Products

Oak Hardwood Blocks

Oak Hardwood Wedges

Oak Sleepers

Oak Beams

Oak Bog Mats

Oak Delivery

All of our oak (European, English and Scottish) is available for national and international delivery. For more details contact our sales team on 01683 221082 or alternatively email us at info@ryderservices.biz

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