Jetty Repair
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Jetty Repair

Ryder Services offer many products to assist customers with their marine jetty repairs. Greenheart being one of our most popular products that is used in the repair of jetties.

We have a long history of providing products to be used in the repair of jetties such as greenheart for structural uses , opepe which is used for rubbing strips and hardwood decking for walkways and platforms.

Marine Hardwoods

Ryder Services supply a vast range of marine hardwoods suitable for jetty repair including:

Greenheart Timber Beams

Greenheart Timber Piles

Greenheart Timber Groynes

Bespoke Greenheart Timber

Opepe Rubbing Strips

Hardwood Decking

Delivery of Timber for Jetty Repairs

We offer national and international delivery on all of our timber for jetty repairs. For more details please contact us on 01683 221082 or alternatively email us at


Jetty Repairs