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Mowing boats

Conver mowing boats are well regarded as the No 1 tool for waterway maintenance and pond weed control.

Our Conver workboats are equiped with some of the latest waterway maintenance technology allowing for effective and efficient pond weed control and vegetation removal.

Our Mowing Boats Technical Specification

Make: Conver

Hull Length: 4.00m

Hull Width: 1.80m

Hull Height: 0.80m

Propulsion: Double anti-coiling augers, hydraulically tiltable

Max Speed: 5-8km/h

Weed Cutting / Removal attachments

Trailing Knives

By far the most effective method of cutting/removing large quantities of pond weed. The trailing knive unit fitted to our mowing boats is operated hydraulically, pulling the knives accross the bottom of a pond / waterbody cutting submerged pond weed / vegetation at its base, often removing roots helping to prevent re-growth.

The trailing knives have a working width of upto 4.50m and therefore make them an effective and efficient weed cutting tool, covering large areas in short amounts of time.

T-Cutter Bar

The T-Cutter Bar offers a more sensitive solution for pond weed control, minimising any disturbance to the bottom. The T-Cutter Bar is equiped with a horizontal and vertical cutter bar both equipped with with a Busatis cutting system (similar to that seen on a combine harvester). The T-cutter bar has a mowing width of 2.00m and can cut to a depth of around 1.20m. It features a tiltable head that allows for the effective removal of submerged bankside pond weed / vegetation.

Weed Rake

The weed rake system allows for the collection and removal of floating submerged pond weed / duckweed / rubbish / vegetation. Our weed rake has a working width of 2.80m and has the ability to deposit the floating debris on the bank side.

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