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Ryder Services are a leading UK supplier of rail sections including new flat bottom rail and bull head rails in various grades, new and serviceable.

Flat bottom rail track is the most common form of rail in use around the world. A flat bottom rail is easily identified by its wide base (or foot) and its narrower top (or head). Ryder services have extensive stock piles of flat bottom rail and are thereore able to offer the rails at extremely competitive prices with a fast turnaround time on your order.

To accompany our rail stocks we also offer new and serviceable components including:

Fish Plates - All types

Fish Plate bolts - All types

Crossing Chairs

Pandrol Clips

Insulators - All types

Rubber Rail Pads - All types

Concrete Sleepers

Hardwood Sleepers

Softwood Sleepers

Chaired Sleepers - All types

Crossing Sleepers

Fassetta Clamps

Joggle Plates

Ryder Services offer national and international delivery on all of our rail products including flat bottom rails. For more details on our flat bottom rail types and grades please contact Ryder Services on 01683 221082 or alternatively email us at info@ryderservices.biz.

Flat Bottom Rail