Stress grade timber
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Stress Grade Timber

Ryder Services are a well established supplier of stress grade timber. We are able to offer stress graded structural hardwood and softwood timber for all types of applications in short and long lengths.

We supply various stress grade timbers including: C16; C24; D50; D60 and D70 grades of timber. Our stress graded timbers are available in a variety of sizes and lengths ( including long length timber ) for more information contact us today.

For detailed information on the grade stresses for tropical hardwoods see the document below:

Grade stresses for tropical hardwoods

Stress Grade Timber Delivery

We can offer national and international delivery with all of our strength graded timber products at extremely competitive prices.

Contact Ryder Services now to discuss your specific project requirements. Call 01683 221082 to speak with one of our experienced sales team or alternatively email us at

Stress grade timber