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D50 Timber

Ryder Services are a premier supplier of D50 stress graded timber.

When compared with structural softwoods, hardwoods in the D50 timber grade range are:

- Stronger and stiffer

- available in long lengths and large sections

- of a higher density, providing a greater resistance to fire.

The benefits of choosing D50 timber over structural softwoods include:

- The strength and durability of D50 timbers, mean that they can be used throughout a project as they would not need substituted with concrete or steel for large spans.

- D50 timber has greater natural durability compared with softwoods, therefore may not need any preservative treatment.

For more information on our D50 timber, please contact our sales team on 01683 221082 or alternatively email us at info@ryderservices.biz.

d50 timbers